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So my life has changed drastically in the past month. Not only am I a married woman now, but I went from working non-stop to a sudden lull.

I’ve always found a way to keep busy. Ever since I was in high school, I’ve always tried to find something to fill my time. I enjoy it for the most part. I like feeling useful and helpful and a part of something bigger than just myself. In high school I was in any sport I could play, while balancing writing for the year book and trying to be a part of every community service program that needed help. I would go home and dive into books and writing and then start all over again the next day.

In college, not much changed. Along with a full time schedule, I worked two part time jobs. I picked up extra hours wherever I could and even threw in some socializing. Towards the end of college I was balancing a social life, full time classes, a full time job and 2 internships.

After I earned my Bachelors degree, one of my greatest adventures started. West and I started dating and we both dived into our new lives as adults in Philadelphia. His internship at Comcast blossomed into a great job and I, although struggling, was keeping busy. Nothing materialized with my internships, which I like to blame on the job market (2008 graduation woes) But I continued to work at my part-time jobs and tried to fill my time with hobbies.

One hobby, reading on the elliptical, sprouted from my in-ability to do a modified push-up. I felt so disturbed by the fact that I was incapable of physically lifting my body off of the ground, that I needed to make a change. I filled all of my free time with a gym membership at a 24 hour gym. Anytime that I could go, I would. My hard work and dedication paid off on the scale and monetarily, as I was offered a job at the gym in membership. Who better to sell memberships than someone who was in total love with the gym?

I loved it for the first few months. While I worked there, I kept working with my part-time jobs as a marketing consultant. I wrote blog posts, created collateral, helped with photography and website development. I even helped out when needed and picked up extra hours here and there. Later I found myself at my first agency, handling multiple accounts. Not only at the agency, but also as a freelance digital consultant.

After my first lay-off, I took on a wild adventure.


I baked my heart out, creating, devastating and creating some more. People were happy. While I baked, I also freelanced, more clients let to more clients and more opportunities. Life was fun, busy and full of love. I always felt an empty gap because although I was a part of a lot of things, I was never a part of one thing. I could never land that dreamy full-time gig.

And just to clarify, in the agency world, a full-time job really doesn’t mean job security. That wasn’t the search. The search was for a sense of team, not being different, but a part. Just like everyone else.

Through all of this, West was strong at his job. People love him you know? He’s charismatic. He’s kind. He gets shit done. And not only does he get it done, but it gets done well. It gets done right. He was always the anchor. Me, the wild sea. Sometimes calm and even, but mostly wild, loud, not stable, but still fun and adventurous.

More and more freelance and more and more agency work led us to a lot of places in the city. So many that we both grew restless. It was time for change. My change was an exciting job offer with a beverage company in central valley California and his in the windy city. We decided on the windy city.

And to be honest. I always told people that the opportunity for me in Chicago was better than the opportunity for him in middle of no where California. But the honest truth is… I was scared. I was scared to get out there and fail. And not do well. To have made us leave our family and friends and security and just flat out fail. I would have let so many people down.

A large part of me pinches myself. This would have been so great. But another part of me strongly believes that our paths are laid out and we make decisions accordingly. Coming to Chicago was great.

I still managed to maintain about 7 freelance clients, find a job here and also start teaching classes as an indoor cycling instructor.

Once again, I was busy. Thriving, making money, being needed. It was great.

Later, the excitement and hustle of planning our wedding was on the horizon and was so, so much fun. But I was wiped, exhausted. Emotionally strained. A few good things held me together. My West. I believe in him so much. He can do anything he wants and be good. I believed in my students. I love teaching. They bring me great joy. I loved my freelance clients. Body Cycle Studio was my joy. And finally my job. Although a forever contractor, with a nearing end, I love my job. The people, the work, the space. It just feels good.

Recently, after such a high ( wedding + honeymoon ) a lot of things in my life have changed. Less classes, no freelance and a job with a foggy future in a city that once again has the markings of another cold and brutal winter…

When I was younger, in a sadder time, I used to read horoscopes. Something about them, so superficial and fake, brought me comfort. They would tell me the moon will soon be perfect and I’ll be happy and ready for love. Or another would remind me that a specific month would bring me great fortune and friendship. All these tiny words combined, would make me feel hopeful.

Today, for the 1st time in a long time, I read my horoscope. It told me that I should go shopping because the alignment of the planets saw it to be fit. Ok planets. If you think that will make me feel better, shopping it is.

With love,

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Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 1.16.05 PM;

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 1.16.05 PM

It finally happened and I could not be any happier.

There are a million beautiful photos and I can’t even begin to pick a handful for you to look at. For now I leave you with the image above, hoping that it reflects the feeling that I had all day and still have right now.

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A Bridal Pain?


I recently read an article about some lady who thinks that Bridesmaids are pointless. She states her feelings, and boom, end of article. I felt bad reading this, because I figured my girlfriends must hate that I asked them to be bridesmaids.

But as I started thinking more about it, I felt silly. I didn’t ask my friends to be my bridesmaids because I wanted them to tie bows to favors or buy expensive dresses or be my props. It’s because they’re my friends – And who else is going to hug me, make me laugh and tell me to breathe? Or who will calm my nerves and tell me I’ve already had enough mimosas? Who’s going to reassure me that I look great?

I asked these ladies to join me because I love and trust them. I want them to stand up there with me and support me, hold my hand and cry with me when West and I try to read our vows. It’s not because I need them to hold my flowers. What am I? 2?

The ideas that people have forced on us about traditions are not stronghold. We can make things what we need them to be. What is right for us.

Plus, what about groomsmen? They do the same thing, no? Is there some famous guy out there talking about how he wants to not make his best pals deal with the troubles of a wedding? No. Because this is supposed to be a happy time.

If you can’t afford something, just say it. Tell you bride or groom or whoever for that matter, that you just can’t. It’s not far-fetched. It’s fine. We’re not all loaded super-stars.

Guys, weddings are not supposed to be stressful. Dude, it’s about love.

I am marrying the guy that I totally love. My bff. And his bff’s and my bff’s will all be partying in a few months to celebrate that. If that’s too much work for anyone… Then the world obviously has lost their sense of happiness, gratuity and joy.

Chill out.

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Magical Journey.


It’s tough business. Trying to keep up with life, happiness, responsibilities and everything else that happens in between. It’s also challenging to be true to yourself, the person you used to be or the person you want to be.

Somewhere in between saving money, getting onions and asparagus at the grocery store and doing a daily 9-9 grind. You forget about your light.

It didn’t go anywhere, it just got put away.

My light used to be expression. Expression through writing, drawing and photography. Given I take a lot of selfies and write a lot of things on social media, it will never be the same as pulling out a fresh notebook, opening to that first page and letting your mind and heart free.

This is why, in the midst of certainty and uncertainty, I’ve decided to start writing again. The challenge will be to fill a page daily until the end. End of the notebook I mean.

I’ll keep honest. Promise.

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Leg Warmers


It’s that season again. Warm drinks, warmer clothes and long walks that involve the smells of fire wood, crispy air and spiders and webs perched on every lawn for Halloween.

As much as I want to try out the warm weather, this will be something that I would miss madly.

Favorite Fall Fun:
– Pumpkin Carving
– Chili Making
– Cupcake Baking
– Cider Tasting
– First Hot Chocolates
– Knee Socks and Tall Boots

What are some of your favorite fall activities?

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Gram of the Day: _eavesdropper


The best Instagram accounts are the ones that tickle the corners of your mouth on stressful days.

Today, it’s @_EAVESDROPPERS – Follow them and commence happy.

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Super excited to be selected as a Fitfluential Ambassador this past week. I’m all about sharing food ideas, workout inspiration and fashions and all things happy. Looking forward to connecting with an inspirational network and feeding off of their sweaty and fabulous energy.

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Honored & Loved


It’s hard out here for everyone. Everyday is a hustle. Work hard, play hard. There are lots of things that I can say when it comes to my work ethic, but at the end of the day I just want to do good stuff with good people. I need to feel happy with what I am doing. It needs to offer me balance and provide a constant state of education. Otherwise, all I look at is my hourly rate and lose interest quickly.

I am happy to say that I have not felt like that for a few years now.

Recently I was nominated for Femme & Fourtunes Phenomenal Females under 30 by the amazing powerhouse Antoinette, of At Media Design in Philadelphia. To be nominated by someone who I look up to is certainly blush worthy and adds happiness to my soul. This lady is truly amazing and balances a high-pressure and demand career, a strong relationship with her community, peers and friends all while being married and enjoying all of life’s pleasures. #swoon

With the being said, below is the interview with FEMME & FOURTUNE:

1. How old are you?
I just turned 28!

2. What do you do?
I am a marketing director for several small businesses in Philadelphia. I also work at a digital agency in Chicago as a social media coordinator. Finally, I keep my epic nerdiness in check by teaching 5 classes a week (Spin & Cardio Sculpt).

3. What neighborhood in Philly do you call home?
I’m an all around Philly girl. From Frankford to Mayfair, to the Art Museum area and Chestnut Hill.

4. What is your favorite thing right now about Philly?
My favorite thing about Philly right now is the food scene. It’s so respected and well rounded with delicious, high end, comfy-cozy down-right amazing and diverse options for every palette.

5. What do you consider your greatest achievement thus far?
My greatest achievement has been being able to maintain 5 amazing businesses as clients in Philadelphia all the way from Chicago. I moved here with my mister when he was offered an opportunity and thankfully all of my clients agreed to let me at least try. Since then goals have been not only reached, but surpassed and my relationships with them have grown into amazing friendships. So much happiness with that.

6. If not yourself, who would you like to be?
I don’t want to be anyone else. I mean, I look up to people, I learn from others and I take in all the know-how possible, but I am pretty darn happy with myself.

7. Your idea of happiness.
My idea of happiness is being able to share love with people. Eat good food often. Get sweaty after a satisfying workout. And the feeling of accomplishment.

8. Guiltiest pleasure?
Pumpkin Poptarts. Watermelon Jolly Ranchers. Sleeping in. Not answering a tweet. (Shhh!)

9. Favorite inspirational quote?
It’s not deep. But it does keep me going. “DON’T. STOP.”

10. What do you appreciate the most in your friends?
My friends are honest. Let me laugh at myself and are incredibly supporting and encouraging. My friends are perfect.

11. Favorite food in Philly?
Crab Gauc at El Vez. Amada’s bacon wrapped dates. All of the menu at Sabrina’s. Bacon at Honey’s Sit and Eat

12. Favorite drink in Philly?
Ginger Lemonade at HipCityVeg – The Great Pumpkin at Sip-N-Glo – The classic Margarita at Dos Segundos Cantina in NoLibs

13. Favorite song right now?
Wild for the Night – ASAP Rocky

14. A book you plan on reading?
Any cookbook. ALL of them. Also, Clever Girl by Tessa Hadley.

15. A book that powerfully impacted your life?
The Bible. Seriously. The Bible forced me to ask questions that some people didn’t seem ready to answer. Some of the questions I asked helped me to realize that I had a voice. That I wanted people to listen and not just think that I was ok with saying yes to everything and believing something for the sake of believing it.

16. Name one historical figure you would like to have coffee with.
The person who figured out that lychee was edible. Former President Bill Clinton and for the stories…Frank Sinatra.

17. How do you like your coffee?
Bustelo. A little cream, nice and sweet.

18. Your main fault.
Being blunt. My father taught me to say what was on my mind. Sometimes it’s not the nicest, but it’s also been a positive trait as well. Being a lady in Philly means being tough, standing up for your work and yourself and standing firm for the things you hold near and dear.

19. What is your most prized material possession?
I have a few. A figurine from the Dominican Republic given to me by a close friend before they passed away. My engagement ring and my childhood blanket (Shut up.)

20. Your biggest failure.
I didn’t score chestnuts correctly before trying to roast them and they terrifyingly exploded in my stove. So scary. But really… I don’t think I have reached a point where I feel like I have failed so tremendously. I hope that when I do, I take a lot of learnings from it.

21. What you learned from that failure?
Score my chestnuts better.

22. What is your greatest fear?
I hate letting people down. I really feel a pang to the soul if I can’t come through for someone. I’m scared I won’t be a good mother, it’s a weird fear to have without any true background, but seeing my mother work so hard always made me worry that I would not be as amazing as her. I also can’t think of a life without my fiancè – He is my rock.

23. Where will you be in 30 years?
Hopefully living somewhere warm, retired and growing my own figs.

24. Favorite thing to do on a Sunday?
Workout, brunch, grocery shop, ride my bike, watch football, drink almond milk lattes or pina coladas.

25. Best date spot?
In Philly my favorite date night included a trip to Barnes and Noble in Rittenhouse, dinner at a Good Dog nook surrounded by cute puppy paintings and singing with Stu Shames at Duel. (Originally the Piano Bar at 19th & Arch ♥)

26. What does happiness mean to you?
I am happy when work is caught up. Bills are paid. Health is good. Sun is out. Boy is close.

27. Twitter or Instagram?

28. Describe Philly in a Tweet.
Philly is home to the worlds most beautiful, brutal, honest and perfect people. I don’t care what you think about it either. #TheRealness

29. Who should everyone follow on Instagram?
Everyone should follow @talkingfood because the posts are magical.

30. Pats or Genos?
Pssh.. Neither. Valerios Food Market on Penn Street. Get with it. #BodegasForLife

Boom – So much happy right now. Thanks to F&F for coming up with this awesome project. It’s important for people to see what the badass women in Philly are up to, their everyday struggles and successes and of course, their favorite cocktails.

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Today Reminds me of Another Day: October 2007


Today’s weather, sky color and mood remind me of Halloween 2007. I was aimlessly walking around Chestnut Street, looking for a costume that I had no where to wear to, make up ideas I had no way to implement and just something to do. I was feeling a little down I think and I remember ending up on some Wawa coffee and heading to RNHS for the evening shift. I started not feeling to well, surely some cold was on the front but remember Gabby asking me if I wanted to hang out and go dancing at Silk City.

The answer to that is always yes.

I ended up asking West to come and dance with me. This was before we were dating. He was sick, but like my true love would, he danced with me all night.

Today is a nice day.

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Instagram Loves of the Week


So in love with these IG users right now!

A: @BUYMEBRUNCH: Great shop with witty t-shirts and tanks. Current fave: Adios Pantalones!
B:@SHOPBETCHES: Fun tees and accessories for sassy ladies. Current fave: YOU CAN’T SPIN WITH US
C: @MIDWESTLOVEFEST: Uber cute lifestyle blog by my new friend Nicole. Be sure to check out her recent interview with me where we chat about healthy and happy living.
D: @ATHLETA: Currently loving the entire Chat line.

Who are some of your favorite Instagram users?

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