Butter makes it better.

Butter. It’s horrible for you. I’m not talking about when you spread it on your toast, or when you put some on a hotcake. I’m talking about sticks of it for delicious confections, cakes, and all things decadent. When I bake, I usually use the healthier versions of the ingredients, otherwise I just make it for other people and bask in their happiness. However, today I came across a blog that makes me want to eat all the butter in sight.

Always With Butter is the wonderfully baked up creation of blogger/baker/photographer Julie Marie Craig. Not only does she have the yummiest creations, her shots are so pretty and rustic, that I fail to believe in my ability to re-create the meal. (You should still try!)

I love when you can feel how much happiness these bakers radiate through their posts. This one below is one I can’t wait to try! It’s a flourless almond and honey cake. Almonds and honey in the same sentence brings me pure unadulterated bliss. So it’s a must.

One of my favorite elements of this blog is that Julie shares her recipes in the cutest format– It’s like a darling little recipe card that you can print out and save with all of your favorites!

I hope you loved Always With Butter and that it inspires you to bake delicious goodies! Or at least make you hungry enough to not bother with your calorie counting on this fine Sunday afternoon!



  • Hi ! I love your posts! So much creativity jumps out of every corner. Thanks for the follow. I am thrilled ! Will be back to visit your site again soon.

    • ohmydalia

      Thank you soo much!!!

  • Colleen

    I really want to start baking and cooking more. Try to be a little suzy home-maker lol. This post inspired me to try and bake more as do all your food posts, Love them!

    • ohmydalia

      Great! That’s the idea :) Let me know how the baking goes! xo

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