Chez Us.

A little bit ago I came across this amazing personal/food blog that made me smile. I mean any blog that features a new cocktail every Friday is an A+ in my book. But this one also features some great recipes for dinner and some fabulous treats for those of you with a sweet tooth. I introduce you all to Chez Us, a personal journey of two lovely people sharing their life, love and food with photos and words!

I loved scrolling through this simple, crisp and light layout, it really makes the great photos of food pop and stand out in a way that makes you not only want to devour it all but also take the time to make it. That’s what usually gets me… If it looks good in a photo, I am totally going to try and make it.

This recipe above is for a crispy brussel sprouts with a bunch of tasty ingredients to make it magical. I saw this and am already planning my dinner around brussel sprouts. Another awesome thing about this blog is how fun and unique some of these recipes are! You can’t help but want to at least try to make them all.

Drool much? Here’s a little piece from the about me section of this great blog. It’s quite awesome actually. I love people who are not classically trained chefs making bad ass meals and sharing them with the world. I like them a lot.

This is our personal journey about our love of life and good food. We started out by cooking big in a 20 sq. ft. kitchen in San Francisco. We are all grown up now but still cooking big in a little bigger kitchen. We want to share with YOU how we live small but still eat big.

My name is Denise. I confess, I love food. I love everything about food, in fact, the first thing on my mind when I crawl out of bed, besides that first espresso, is what we will be sharing at the table later this day. My partner is Laudalino. He is an eater, rather he devours. Neither of us are in the food business. We are both in the video communications field.

And finally we come to the sweet part of the post. The part where I give you a link, you visit it, make something and become a happy happy person. Cool? Good. Be sure to visit Denise and Laudalino over at Chez Us and enjoy their everyday meals, stories and life. I hope you love it as much as I do!



  • Migdalia Hernandez

    Beautiful lady, your blog is special, you have beautiful and bright ideas. I am mesmerize every time I visit your amazing blog. It’s like entering a whole new world, food, accessories, furnishings amongst other things. you my dear have a rare and lovely talent. I’m very proud of you, Congratulations!
    Mom <3

    • ohmydalia

      Thank you vieja <3 I love you mucho!

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