Food times Three!

I obviously should not search for new blogs to feature when I am hungry. But, in fact, I always do. In the past few days I have come across more and more amazing food blogs and must feature every one. I decided to do a speed post for you all today and feature three amazing food blogs in one!

First up we have Love and Olive Oil. How can you not love a blog with such a cute name like that? Love and Olive Oil is the creation of Lindsay and Taylor, two people in love and adventuring with all things food. They’re blog is clean, easy to scroll through and most importantly, filled with amazing photographs of delicious looking food.

Be sure to visit Love and Olive Oil and be prepared for some lovely tints of lime green and tasty food and treats!

Next up we have Sprouted Kitchen. OOohh I really am digging this one. The food looks so fresh and the photography is stellar. This is a snippet from the About me section, “My intention is to make food taste good through using healthy ingredients: whole grains, unsaturated fats, natural sugar alternatives and the like.” What an awesome intention to have! Sara has created an amazing little space on the web for people to find good recipes for good earthy food. (She also has a book!, which I will look for and buy, because nothing makes a kitchen cooler than a shelf of great cookbooks…)

Just looking at the photo above makes me feel better about any poor food decisions I’ve made… well, not really, but honestly it’s a lovely photo and this blog has tons of them. So be sure to go over to the Sprouted Kitchen for some good old fashion good eating. I promise you won’t be let down…

Last but not least we have The Kitchy Kitchen by Claire Thomas. This is a fun blog with great pops of color and text and of course some pretty amazing food! I really love any blog that has great food photos with a mix of typography on the photos. It really gives it that extra pop!

I came across the photo above quite a few times on Pinterest but could never find the original source so I am totally stoked that I finally found the genius behind the above milk shakes. My dear boyfriend who drinks Lactaid skim milk with me and partakes in my healthy dinners loves a good milkshake and I do think he deserves one (full fat real milk and all). So I can’t wait to try these out soon!

Be sure to visit Claire over at The Kitchy Kitchen and prepare yourself for some real treats!

There you have it. Three blogs on a cloudy Thursday. I am sure you will find something amazing to cook tonight for dinner, so if you do, be sure to share them below!


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