Here We Go // Body Comp

By January 24, 2017Fitness, Life

0-1Has anyone ever asked you to tell them what you love about your body? Or if there is something that you wish you could change? Do you have a list of things?

When I do challenges, I usually get the question, ‘Why?’ – I usually have strength goals and tonality ideals, but there’s nothing ever that I want to change. I am happy with my body. But it took me a long time to get there. Growing up, I was very self-conscious. I was always so unhappy as a kid with my body. It makes me so sad think about actually, I wish I could have put that energy into something else. I look back and I was such a cute kid.

Now, I am still pretty brutal on myself, not so much of the outward image, but more so on what I do to my body. I don’t always eat smart and lord knows I love my cocktails. It’s not a good combo and therefore, I have to workout harder in order to keep myself happy with my physique.

Learning how to love yourself is hard. Like, really hard. All day, everyday, we’re made to believe that happiness is unattainable. That we should be busy, tired, miserable, bored etc. But when you start to put all the negative behind you, it is such an amazing feeling. It’s more of a cold turkey thing; you have to just get naked in front of a mirror and be like, “YES. I like this. This is mine. I love me. I love that scar, it was funny how I got it. I love my hair, I know it’s frizzy, but whatever. I love this. It’s mine. No one else’s. I am capable. Beautiful and I fucking rock.”

Say that.

Anyway, above is day one. I’m excited to see how strong I get. Some goals that I have.

  • Strict pull ups / chin ups = 5-10
  • Pistol squats, full extension

Here we go!