High Dosage: Nom Time

My last high dosage was a total hit and with so much wonderful fashion featured I decided it was the right time to do another one. This time. Food! We all love a good food blog and when I come across them all I want to do is cook everything they have to offer.

My 1st blog is the lovely Two Tarts. I came across this blog when the 1st post was the “Extra Rich Pound Cake“, you read right. EXTRA RICH. Now I already think pound cake is perfect and rich, but I would love for someone to bake this for me so I can have with an extra cold glass of milk. NOM!

I love this blog for many reasons… it’s cozy, the food shots are amazing and the recipes are easy to follow and easy to eat! Below is my favorite shot because you can’t go wrong when the words cocktail, pear and vanilla are in the same recipe! Their Twitter about me section says, “Two friends who like cooking and photography.” Perfect right!?

Be sure to visit Two Tarts, print out some recipes and share your delicious success!

Next we have The Parsley Thief! Katie created this blog as a place to house her creative genius. Whether it be designs she loves or food she experiments with, it’s all amazing. I feel like Katie’s blog opens me up to new foods and recipes I have never seen before which is really awesome. Like maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never seen spiced dark chocolate & pumpkin seed bark with sea salt, but how delicious are they? I bet you even want to make them now. Yes?

I also found out that her little boys are Yankee fans! So If she is a Yankee fan then I have officially found a new love! My favorite post so far?

This just screams comfort food. I must make this on Saturday morning, with the window a little cracked letting in the cool breeze from the fall. However, I’ll probably just use regular oats to save on calories haha. Be sure to swing by The Parsley Thief and prepare to get your cook on!

Finally, Cannelle et Vanille. What a whimsical blog this is, especially recently. With all of the stunning fall colors making this world we live in glow, Aran is doing an equally as impressive job capturing it. On the name of her blog Aran states it simply and her reason resonates throughout her entire blog.

Why the name Cannelle Et Vanille? Because those are the smells and tastes of my childhood and this blog is very much filled with nostalgia.

Beautiful right? And just in-case you can’t tell from the stunning images below, Aran is an amazing food stylist. Amazing. She makes foods that you don’t even like look mouth watering and stunning.

Visit Cannelle et Vanille and scroll through countless breath-taking images of food and travels.

Along with the other blogs I featured today be sure to click through the images to be taken to the specific post. Tell these bloggers you love them, follow them and be inspired to make something delicious.


  • Amazing! I reallllly want some pound cake now!

    • ohmydalia

      If it wasn’t for the massive cookies I just ate, I would totally have some pound cake with you! Thanks!!


  • West

    wonderful collection of blogs/photos. :)

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