Like me. Please… PLEASE!?

Oh the “like” button. Lately I have been having my issues with companies wanting the FB “like” button everywhere. Yet their main goals for a social media presence include brand exposure or even the daunting “I want to make a million sales” bit. If companies want to make these goals a reality then why do they include a button that will take the potential buyer of their product off their website?

This was the topic of discusion on the TNW blog.

“I was reading an interesting post by Brian Massey on how brands are so willing to give all of their potential traffic over to Facebook when it is then incredibly difficult to get this traffic to return to your own site.”

The article makes a great point with Zappos, a company with a great understanding of social. Although they have a remarkable social presence, they leave the “like” button out of their site.

Here is the full article: A lesson from Zappo’s: The Like button is not a social media strategy


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  • Thank you for sharing this! I will definitely be trying to use facebook to direct people to my blog more than my business page now. I’ve been so concerned with getting people to “like” my page that I’ve taken away from directing them to my blog.

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