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Blue Door Farm Stand

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“Our philosophy at Blue Door Farm Stand is simple. We believe in the seasons dictating what’s on the table. We are committed to being part of the community and the importance of having personal relationships with all our purveyors. We believe in providing a warm and welcoming space for all our guests to enjoy wholesome delicious food.”

That hits the nail on the head.

I recently stepped foot into this cozy little nook on Armitage the other day. Blue Door Farm Stand opened recently and has quickly established themselves as a place to come by and grab delicious, fresh, good for your insides food. Not over-priced. Amazing coffee and can we talk about the fact that they offer almond milk lattes?!

They do. #win

They also carry Boat Street Pickles. And they ALSO carry the picked figs. When I first saw it, I literally gasped. Fig anything can make me gasp and these babies are no exception. The variety and awesomeness of product is super exciting and you should be stoked to get to try them all. INCLUDING those jams, I plan on trying them all. It will be magical and I can’t wait.

I was waiting for a friend and the place was packed so I grabbed a seat by the bar with an amazing cup of coffee and got to do some work.

The best part about sitting at the bar is listening to the conversations and seeing people interact. I was lucky enough to have a fun chat with corporate chef Justin, who was a total sweetheart (he even gave me a list of places to check out on my nearing trip to New Orleans). His staff is equally as sweet and helpful and talented and can make you a delicious, simple meal with their eyes closed and a smile on their face. Must be a Southern thing.

I have yet to try the food, but I plan on going back with West soon and trying a few things. After seeing the delicious salads being tossed, sandwiches being made and the carrot cake being assembled, there was no question that I needed to return.

This place is definitely much needed in the neighborhood and I am super excited to go back and explore the menu, learn more about the people and buy all the jams EVER.

Swing by, say hi and enjoy an almond milk latte. Then be sure to tell me what you think below and what are some of your favorite menu items to date!

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Around the House


Being home is one of my favorite things. I love enjoying the comforting smells of a baking cake, the simmer of dinner, the candles, the smell of freshly folded clothing.

Everything about it wraps me in the warmest hugs. I took some photos of home the other day to share some of my favorite nooks.

What are some of your favorite nooks in your home?

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A Day in the Life: Teaching


Teaching classes has been one of the most rewarding feelings I’ve yet to come across. I get to give people a great one hour workout that’s fun, entertaining and informative. I think all of those components make for a great class and experience and I love being able to provide students with that.

I am going to be attending WSSC in May and I can’t wait to meet new friends, learn new things and work with some amazing people to spread the good word of happy health, safe workouts and amazing body image!

If you’ll be attending WSSC let’s hook up!

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Let’s Get Married – [Flower Love]


The beauty of flowers never fail to amaze me. But the price does.

Flowers are an expensive addition to any wedding, but if you’re lucky enough, have a good support system and can be a little creative and crafty, you’ll really be able to let them shine. I love dahlias. No surprise I guess, they’re wild, beautiful, colorful and sexy. A-durr. Must haves.

West likes snap-dragons, so trying to have the both of these would be so awesome. I’m excited to learn more about the flower shops local to our venue to see what they have and what they can help with.

I love love love all of the combos above. Do you have a favorite? What about a flower? What’s your favorite fall flower?

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Coming Soon: Why I love

ginger love;

Sharing what you love means caring enough about it to tell the people you love, thus, sharing happiness.


I’ll be posting the things, people and food I love here weekly. Today it’s ginger. Ginger brings crisp, spicy freshness to anything. Anything like carrots and oranges. How can you go wrong?

Click above for a yummy recipe from Whole Living and get ready to brighten up your day!

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True Words


Today’s words to live by come from a very hopeful outlook. Painfully hopeful.

Happy Tuesday.

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The thing is…


Real Ryders have a lot of potential, however, the instructors who have taught the classes I’ve gone to have me doing an insane amount of push ups on the bike in a 1-2 count format, they have me turning my back all the way to the right, while on a heavy gear, while dropping my right arm to the ground.

None of this you do on a real bike. I get you’re trying to be different and have fun. But Christ people. We might as well all become this guy. Johnny G would have a stroke.

If people don’t have good form, they’re just gonna hurt. So cut it out.

I can’t say no to frosting. The thing is… there are some things I just want to have. I want the frosting off at least 5 cupcakes. That means for my 1 hour and a half work out, that I am going to kick my ass. It’s just so worth it. So take that.

I’ve been feeling more and more sunshine from the window at work and IT HAS BEEN BRILLIANT. The thing is… I, like so many other people across the country, am bogged down. I can’t deal with another cold breeze, snow storm or the words ‘polar’ OR ‘votex’ – So done.

No matter what my day is like. This always makes me feel good. The thing is… I don’t work out like crazy because I am some health nut (nothing wrong with it) or as many half naked photos on my Instagram feed as I have, I am not vain. It just makes me feel good. It’s what I do to change my mood. Yesterday I was below the dumps. After class I felt un-stoppable.

Happy Friday everyone.

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Scenes of cold February


“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.”
― Edith Sitwell

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Let’s Get Married – [Hair Love]


Yes. Pinterest is awesome. Like really awesome. But I’m one of those people who LOVE everything. Paper crafts? LOVE IT. Dream catchers? LOVEEE. Earthy colors, pastels, neutral? LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

It goes without saying that there’s a lot going on over there and although I enjoy it, it’s a bit overwhelming. I’ve decided to start using this space to narrow-down the top things that I love. Like… love for real.

So I’m starting with my hair. I am totally in the process of growing out my hair. It’s pretty long already, but I want it to be long long. If you know me, you know this is majestically difficult. At the first tug of a comb, I am quick to chop off the hair but now I have a good reason to let the hair grow…

Above are some of the pretty ideas I have in mind. I want some kind of ornament, but I don’t want it pulled up. Outdoor weddings call for whimsy, soft curls and pretty headpieces.

What are some of your favorite looks?

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Steak + Wine


So while doing P90X, it is imperative to eat at home. Not because you can’t find good options outside, but there’s just so much more control you can have! It’s exciting to know that you can actually clear off your plate without feeling like a slob because it’s actually a serving!

We’ve been turning down lots of dinner dates and sigh (margarita ones too) but that’s ok. I think. I love the program because it gives me a sense of discipline.

Red wine helps a lot too.

Tonight we had top sirloin with sautéed onions. Roasted cauliflower accompanied with garlic, shallots and lemon. And a golden tomato and cucumber salad tossed in bourbon mustard and pear balsamic vinegar.

What are some of the best side dishes have with steak?

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