Pinterest Finds: Cocktails

1. Summer Soda – Thyme, Grapefruit and Gin. 2. Honey Sage Gin Fiz. 3. Lavender Lemonade.. 4. Gin Daddy. 5. Gin Smash. 6. Gin Swizzle.

With summer approaching and my cleanse coming to an end. Gin is on my mind. I’ve had many great drinks here in Chicago and I’m not sure if it’s that the bars have better menu’s than Philly or I’m just getting more adventurous? Anyway, I’ve fallen in love with gin. It’s complex and can make tonic water and lime so pleasingly refreshing. I am super excited to continue trying many new cocktails.

In my search for new drinks, I’ve found some really fun cocktails on Pinterest and can’t wait to try them all!

What are some of your favorite cocktails?

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  • Even though I’m a dedicated wino, I looooove gin. Must be my WASPish heritage.

    You can’t go wrong with a G & T, but lately I’ve been making Gin Fizz variations and they are amazing! Something very special happens in the shaker and the result is magical.

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