Raspberri Cupcakes

I like to bake. I’m still getting some logistics down… well, a lot. But still, I love it. Particularly, I like to bake cupcakes. They’re cute, simple (usually) fun to make and even more fun to decorate. I love coming across blogs with cupcakes. Especially well photographed cupcakes in a styled settings that urge me to forget that I am running 10 miles in May for the Broad Street Run…

How happy I was to come across this blog! The genius behind this lovely blog is Step, a sweet little mama blogging from Sydney! (I love bloggers from outside the country! Look at how diverse we are <3) Anyway, she loves to cook, bake, write, and blog- my favorite is her baking though. Buttery, sugary goodness all in one photograph. She does a beautiful job at styling as well (Steph do you do this yourself?)

Everything on this blog I want to eat. Literally. I want to fly out to Sydney and have Steph make all kinds of amazing, gooey, sweet and fabulous treats. (Let me know, I’ll be there!) The blog itself is light and airy and Steph does a wonderful job and giving good direction and tips for bakers and non-bakers alike. Everything is clear and cohesive and she even offers some step-by-step snapshots! And we all know those are always helpful!

Beautiful no? Look at those amazing Macarons! Last week I tried to make them and failed miserably. So my sweet and darling friend Adriane of Oh, You Bake will be teaching me how to do so next Friday and I can’t even wait! This means soon I’ll have lovely little pastries like Steph! (Yay for goals!)

So all of you amazing readers be sure to go check out Steph at Raspberri Cupcakes. Tell her you love her, try to bake something and eat it till you’re happy!


  • Aww thank you so much for the feature! :) Yes I do the styling myself, though I’m very much an amateur who has plenty left to learn!

    • ohmydalia

      Well I’ve seen a lot of styling and you are no amateur. Everything you do is amazing! Thanks so much for having such a lovely place on the internet world :)


  • This is Oh so lovely & yummy! Great photos!:)

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