Dear Shutterbean, why are you so mean? Showing me all these recipes that I wish I never seen? All I wanna do is nom them all day and night, but then I’ll have to worry ’bout my dresses fittin’ too tight!

See that? This blog is so good I straight dropped a RHYME on ya’ll. So hood for the food. Haha but really. Let’s get serious. This blog is dope.

I mean, have you ever seen a Turkey and Pepper panini look this good before? I haven’t – I don’t even like panini’s, but I’d eat this one. Yup. It looks mighty worthy of a serious devour-session. Which brings me into a great side-note, do you know why I love having my own blog? I can say whatever I want, and make up my own words… and that’s awesome.

You know what else is awesome? Sticky cranberry ginger bread! Never had it, but I bet it’s magic waiting to explode in my tastebuds. I’ve never asked a blogger to marry me before… actually, that’s a lie- I ask bloggers to marry me all the time. They just don’t. But look… Tracy Benjamin, I love you. Your recipes speak to my heart and I want to try them all. So like… yea, let’s have a total blogger date soon!

Untill that happens, I can tell you more about the amazing Tracy- Along with being an amazing mommy, a bad ass blogger and (sniff, sniff) a super awesome wife- Tracy also shoots all of this food. So she makes it and she captures it ever so perfectly. Lovely. Here’s a snippet about Shutterbean from her About Me section:

“Shutterbean is a space where I can be creative and celebrate my love for photography & domestic arts. Ha! I just said domestic arts. Each week, you’ll find a couple of new recipes, snippets of my everyday life, occasional organizing tips, and a few decorating posts (when I’m feeling annoyed with my house!). With each recipe I execute, I break down the steps so you know what you’re in for! My goal is for you to take pride in your work, keep at it, and learn from your mistakes! Life is better with good food. Don’t you agree?”

Yes I do agree! And I am sure you all will too! Shutterbean is a great find to add to any bookmark. You are totally going to find a cool vibe here with great food- so enjoy it, share it and tell me about anything you make from here, because I bet it’ll rock!


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